Welcome to Harvy Canes!

Frequently Asked Questions


I am a consumer and would like to purchase one of your canes. How can I find a distributor in my area?

Please fill out contact information found on our home page and tell us what product you are interested in. We will provide a web address for one of our distributors.


I'm one of your distributors, how do I access your site for pricing and ordering?

Please complete registration information found on our home page. You will receive a response via e-mail within 48 hours.


Is Drop Ship service available for distributors?

Drop Ship service is available for distributors.


What is the minimum order amount?

The minimum order for a distributor is $150.00. Orders under $150.00 incur a $7.00 minimum order fee.


Is open credit available?

What credit cards are accepted?

Open credit is available through a credit application process.

Credit cards accepted are: Visa, Mastercard and American Express


What is the weight bearing capacity for your canes?

Our one piece crook handle canes will support weight up to 250 pounds.

All two piece canes with metal band connectors are designed for style and are not meant to be weight bearing canes. They should be used as walking aids.

Our Hercules series offers canes that will support up to 500 pounds (listed under Canes/Barriatric).

What hand should I use my cane in?

Canes are used in the hand that is on the opposite side of the injury.

What length should my cane be for proper use?

The proper way to measure a cane is as follows:

  • Remove the rubber tip from the cane
  • Turn the cane upside down
  • On the side opposite the injury, place the cane against your hip.
  • With a slight bend in your elbow, mark the cane where it meets your wrist bone.
  • Cut cane at that height and replace the tip.
  • Patient should consult doctor or therapist for proper walking gait.


All claims for shortages or damages must be made within five days after receipt of goods. As a reminder this information is on the last line of all packing slips.

If there is a manufacturing defect our items are under warranty for 90 days from date of purchase by the end user.

If an item is being returned because your company ordered incorrectly, a credit will be given less 10% restocking fee.

An RA number needs to be obtained for tracking purposes prior to items being returned. Once an RA is processed, a credit invoice is produced if applicable, or the item is replaced per request.

A credit is not allowed for the following reasons:

  • 1.The five day receipt/interval is exceeded.
  • 2.It is obvious the item has been heavily used/abused.
  • 3.Item returned is store worn or damaged and/or parts have been removed.
  • 4.Items are warehouse damaged.
  • 5.The product being returned is not ours.