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29" Shoehorn Pre-selection

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*shoehorns shown are not the selection in this bundle*

With this bundle of beautifully crafted 29" shoehorns

you will receive the Concord Cobbler Spinning Carousel Display for free.

The shoehorns in this selection are:

2 of 1075209 Greyhound Long Reach

2 of 1075210 Mallard Long Reach

2 of 1075211 Brown Lab Long Reach

3 of 1075213 Ring Long Reach

4 of 1075214 Backscratcher Long Reach

1 of 1075215 Saddle Long Reach

1 of 1075216 Peacemaker Long Reach

1 of 1075218 Derby Long Reach

16 pre selected assorted shoehorns.

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